Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Luftco A-ONEX - MT6592 7" WUXGA display (1920 x 1200) 2GB Ram 13MP Cam

No information about the price, yet.

merge a real cross , brought a giant screen phone wind. LuftcLast year a large number of 6 inches screen smartphone out after everyone marveled as " cross- product giant screen ", but can not think of starting the year after the 2014 trend of more ferocious , take the lead by the first-tier vendors, 7-inch tablet phone truly cross began to emerge, bringing a breath of wind giant screen phone .
Luftco Long Cool earlier said there will be eight -core mobile phone market , intends to keep up with the current situation dragon cool trend which shares the big screen , will launch a giant screen has 7 inches of new work , and this is a program using the latest MTK eight-core phone.
Spread out the bottom of the most recent eight-core phone dragon cool renderings , and a variety of cross-border Recently appeared large screen products, this phone has a narrow border of the screen , the top and bottom of the screen space occupied is not high, only to see Phone screen renderings proportion is still very good. Cool front of the machine with the dragon style A-ONE quite similar , do not know will not continue the double glass body and slim thickness and other characteristics of the latter around .

Long Cool confirmation will use eight-core phone MTK MT6592 eight -core processor , 7-inch screen with 1920 * 1200 HD resolution , with 2GB of memory and run 13 million pixel camera , in almost all parameters peaked about now , Long Cool other specifications of new products should not be too low .
Long Cool once a cross-border products get a lot of A-ONE users attention , eight nuclear age anybody's game , which brings new opportunities dragon cool refreshing place only look forward to publishing.

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