Friday, December 20, 2013

HDC Galaxy Note 3 Max N9006 Review - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Clone? - MT6589


unboxing video:

review video:

Camera pics:

5.7" inch capacitive 10-Point Multi Touch Screen

Display 720x1280 pixel resolution - HD Display


MTK6589 Quad-Core CPU @ 1.2GHz

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

1GB RAM / 8GB of internal memory / TF-card support

Quadband, unlocked, 3G / UMTS / HSDPA+ / WCDMA

Wifi, Bluetooth, G-Sensor, GPS, A-GPS, g-sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor, notification LED

OTG - USB on the go

Main camera: 12.5 MP output, autofocus, LED flash

Front camera: 2.0 MP output

Air command, air gesture control, multi windows, infrared transmitter (remote control)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone / replica / copy / knock-off ?


  1. Hey Colonel, when you can show some pictures taked with the camer :)

    - Marco Lancaster

  2. Hi Mon Colonel

    I should be very grateful for your advise, "sort of" regarding this phone (or the UMI Cross X3) vs the just released Zopo998. I ask you as I today received a notice from Zopo asking if I want to cancel my pre- launch order for the zp998, or accept a model with 16 instead of 32 onboard gb rom and with an external 16gb flashdrive to compensate for the 16 on board they have deleted from their original specs. I thought I had gotten a really nice "long term" phone with the pre-order model, a bit dearer than the phablets I had otherwise envisaged, but relatively future proof re speed and storage + some nice nerdy extras "thrown in" due to the deal around a pre-launch/"beta" type phone. But I am not really that technically minded so can't work out if the new Zopo without the 32gb onboard storage is actually worth the extra money compared to significantly cheaper models, penny by pence so to speak. My personal priorities are screen quality, min 5.7" screen, RAM, OTG and Wifi n - and above average battery life/photo capacity. I have no idea if 16Gb will be adequate for the new apps that will be brought out in the next couple of years. Currently I surf a lot, and map navigate, organise all sorts /email, but do not play games, nor need 4G or use any apps that seem to require heavy duty number crunching.

    With your experience of Zopo, how do you rate the chances that the model they ship will actually have the various extras they promised in the original specs ( good quality sound chip, NFC etc etc)?
    In other words, is the ZP998 likely to be a a flagship phone en par with the other flagships they have brought out in the past? I ask as this is the second phone I have supposedly bought on a pre-order scheme, and where the specifications have been significantly altered at the time of shipment. With the other brand the changes made the phone useless to me (bandwidth), but in this case I am not sure how to evaluate the ZP 998; Am I being tempted by a glittery carrot, promises of all that is fast and new, when in fact I perhaps do not really need it (or it may in reality not even be shipped with the phone)? It may seem like I am procrastinating needlessly over pennies, but under normal circumstances I would not have continued to do business with a vendor who used such blatant switch selling tactics. And I was already pissed with Zopo when they seemingly intentionally obfuscated the free shipping /gift options in order to entice the greatest number of people to sign up quickly. Yet I was really happy with my ZP990 (which my husband has "cheated" me out of in a silly bet), build quality, etc etc, and the alternatives, like the phone you are reviewing here, or the UMI X3, do not come across as being in the same league, value for money wise.

    I suppose that I am really asking if Zopo in your opinion now have become so popular that they no longer bother trying to give good value for money, but instead are looking to cash in on their "established" reputation, and if this new flagship model risk being a bit of a lemon?
    Many thanks in advance if you manage to comment on my issues, and absolutely no worries if you do not - Happy Xmas and thanks for all the straight reviews you have posted so far, they have been a great help, Babette I Blafla

  3. Pls excuse , RAM should have been 2G Ram :-)

  4. How To Buy From fastcardtech I'am From Egypt

  5. Hi, god a question should I choose HDC Galaxys Note 3 Max or No1 N3 - which one has more features and a better quality ? Thanks for your help