Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lenovo A750 Rooting / Market Fix / Add Google Account How to Tutorial

Download ES File Explorer
Download Flashing Tool and Google apps

The Cliffs Notes version:

Root the phone by flashing a new preloader and bootimage on it.
Copy all the missing google apps to the system/app folder and change the permissions.

Longer Version: 

If this is the first time you are using the flashtool with a MT6575 phone, drivers need to be installed. On Vista it'll look something like this, drivers are included in the flashtool folder:
This is just an example, I used a different phone in this video:

This is for Gingerbread ONLY!!!

 Thank you so much :-)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Zopo ZP100 : Or Why I Like Android - QHD DUALSIM Phone

In this video you will see:

Launcher Pro

SPB Shell 3D

Espier Launcher

Claystone Launcher and
TSF Shell

Phone review video: CLICK

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Zopo ZP100 Rooting and Market Fix - IHCT One X 4G+ (aka Star B79) - Firmware / Rom Flashing

This is for the Gingerbread firmware only.
(For ICS rooting, check this out: CLICK , so far this seems to work with every MT6575 phone that runs on ICS)

Everything you need is HERE


Start the flash tool, click on Scatter-loading, select the MT6575_Android_scatter_emmc2.txt from the Rootfix directory. It should look like this:

You phone is OFF. Take out the battery, put it back in. In the flash tool click on DOWNLOAD. Connect the phone to your pc via USB cable.

If this is the first time you are doing this, your pc will start to look for the right drivers. Point Windows to the Driver directory inside the flash tool's directory. On Vista, it'll look something like this:

If the drivers are installed, the whole procedure will look like this:

Once the flashing process is done, take out the battery, put it back in and boot the phone. Your phone should now be rooted, a Super User application should be installed.

This procedure also works for the IHCT One X 4G+ phone (aka Star B79).


Inside my download package you will find:

The idea is to copy this APK into the system/app folder and give it the right permissions. This can be done using the ROOT EXPLORER, but it can also be done with the LATEST version of the ES FILE EXPLORER

Start the ES File Explorer and go into the settings:

Check "Up to Root", "Root Explorer" and "Mount File System".

In advance, you have copied the on you sd-card. find it and copy it to the system/app folder of your phone.

Navigate into that directory, find the long press it, click on Properties, click on Change to change the permssions to this:

DONE :-)

Reboot your phone and enjoy.


Credit goes to:

The latest firmare from Zopo
or download it HERE

This is how flashing looks like in "real time" (4 minutes of boredom) ;-)


Here's a firmware for the IHTC One X phone, dated  April 2 2012, it should work on the ZP100 as well:


Flashing instructions:



to the ROOT of your sd-card. Turn off the phone. Connect the phone with the usb-cable to the pc. Then press and hold

Power and VOL +

The update will start automatically.
UPDATE 05.11.2012:

Here's an instruction on how to get the latest ICS firmware running, written by pbucci, thank you so much for that:

OK, with the permission of Colonel I'll try to be more helpfull publishing the four steps I've followed during my several flashing with ICS:

1) SAVE the IMEI.
The installation process for the Rom can wipe the IMEI and if you want to be able to rebuild and fix it you must have it backupped.
If the WIPE happens and you do not have a copy ... you'll never get connection to the mobile network. For IMEI SAVING you need to have rooted your phone:
- Open the Tools Zopo.
- select the item IMEI backup and back up: this will create a backup file in the root named IMEI.bck.
- find the file and copy it on the external SD card and if possible also on the external PC, anywhere you are shure it is safe!
N.B.: if you prefer you can locate the IMEI folder and copy it with a root file explorer... but I prefer simple things.

2) Once saved the IMEI, you should perform a factory restore erasing the Internal SD card. After the restore make sure you are still able to find and access files IMEI.bck (otherwise you made something wrong in copying, or you put it somewhere that will be "scretched" during the flash process: in such a case repeat from step 1)
3) download the ROM from the ICS:
4) download the software for the rooting of the ICS:
NB: the rooting is required if you have to rebuild the IMEI, so before you have downloaded this SW do not start flashing.
PS: The Chinese are so many ... so it is best to do the download after they went to sleep

PART TWO: The Flashing.
NOTE: From now on, I describe what I did and it worked without problems on Zopo ZP100.
If you want, proceed at your own risk and I can not guarantee that everyone will have the same behaviour

The Flashing: I did it as usual with the same tools used to install the Flash ROM GB as is described in this forum
5) Unzip (unrar) the contents of the zip file with the rom, turn the phone off and remove the battery, then put it back in leaving the phone off
6) Run the flash tool
7) Choose the scatter file from the unzipped folder, and then start flashing with download button
8) wait a few seconds and then connect the phone (leaving it off). The flash process will begin.
9) Wait for the OK and the big green, then a few seconds and finally disconnect the phone.
10) Turn on the device and finally ... the ICS is running (if the phone doesn't switch on, put out the battery and then put it back in and turn on)

PART THREE: The Rooting.
Surprise! Below shows "invalid imei" and you can not log onto the mobile network.
If you followed the preliminary steps: NO PROBLEM. otherwise PANIC. Try sending your imei to Zopo asking them to send you back a new encrypted file.

11) Unzip the rooting SW previously downloaded, in a folder for rooting
(beware: I am in windows7 and had no problems ... It seems that the executables etc are for windows ... I do not know if they work on other OS or virtual machines)
12) Connect your phone (turned on) and check that the USB debug mode is active.
13) Run the file .bat and follow instructions carefully (waiting for reboots.)
14) If everything went well at the end of the phone will be rooted.
If you notice between the various reboot advices that it has not found your phone, recheck the connections and the debug mode and repeat the procedure.

PART FOUR: IMEI fixing (if you lost it)
15) Execute a file explorer in root mode (the rooting should install a root explorer that looks red hat style, that is fine but look on the top part of the screen and be sure that it is R/W and not Read Only mode.)
16) Go into the folder
/data/nvram/​​md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI and look at the content. There should be a file of the exact size of IMEI.bck that you had stored erlier
(In my case was called MP0B_001 but I do not know if it is always called the same way).
Copy it in a safe position in order to avoid risks.
17) Rename the file IMEI.bck as the file located at point 16
18) Copy the renamed file in the folder /data/nvram/​​md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI replacing the old one if you have not "moved "
19) Reboot your phone and wait. With the IMEI restore the phone will connect regularly to mobile network (Beware: The system initially can still report "invalid IMEI" (because cached from previous power off), but then it will anyway connect to the GSM network and correct it. For subsequent reboot it does not report any more)
Now you can finally enjoy ICS (PS: I had the google play already installed this time)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

IHTC One X 4G+ Android QHD DUALSIM Android Phone

The Phone: CLICK

Camera test pictures:
picture 1 
picture 2 
picture 3 

IHTC One X 4G+ Android QHD DUALSIM  Review

Dual sim / dual standby

Display 960x540 pixel resolution (QHD)

MTK6575 CPU @ 1GHz


Totally UNLOCKED, quadband (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900), 3G / UMTS

Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, AGPS, G-Sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor, magnetic field sensor (for compass), dual cameras 8MP output autofocus main camera, 2 LED flash lights and a VGA front camera.

As a matter of fact, this phone is almost identical to the Zopo ZT100.

I installed additional launchers like the Launcher Pro and SPB Shell 3D.

The games in the first video:
Angry Birds
Ground Effect Pro
Temple Run
Running Fred
Pinball HD
Asphalt 6

The games in the second video:

Dead Runner
Fruit Ninja
Trial Xtreme 2
Touch Racing Nitro
Toon Warz
Turbofly 3D

Monday, April 16, 2012

Eken M001 vs. Haipad i7 - a Look at the Shanzhai Development

Just a little demonstration how the Shanzhai tablets have changend in less than two years. The Eken M001 cost 120 Dollars (PLUS shipping costs) back then, the Haipad i7 costs 149 Dollars (shipping included), so they are pretty much of the same value.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Haipad i7 Android ICS 7" capacitive IPS Thin Tablet Review - Allwinner A10

7 inch IPS capacitive 5 point multitouch screen

Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich ICS

Display 1024x600 pixel resolution

CPU: Allwinner A10  @ approx. 1GHz

8GB internal memory, 1GB RAM

Wifi, g-sensor, dual cameras VGA main camera and a HVGA front camera

Super thin and super light weight pad.