Thursday, July 26, 2012

Haipai Noble x710d MT6577 Antutu Benchmark Test Dual Core Dual Sim

I don't know what went wrong in my first REVIEW VIDEO but this is more like it :-)


  1. Thanks for your wonderful review Colonel. You seem to be an awesome guy. Want to find out if you can test the turn by turn GPS navigation on this Baby and let me know if its working. Also if it accepts and works well with sd cards.

    I recently got the i9300 and it would not accept any sd card and turn by turn GPS was not working. The google maps and everything else worked fine but navigation took forever to find my current location.

    In your opinion how good is the resolution ? Overall would it be worth it to spend $200 on this or on a used Samsung Infuse. I highly value your opinion as an expert in the field.


  2. Hello Colonel

    I have a request.
    Could you do a review on the Dapeng i9800 6 inch phone?
    I like your reviews : )

  3. Hello Colonel
    Thanks for all the good work presenting these devices. I have an X710D which has lost it's IMEI numbers and the seller does not want to know about it, this I guess is a risk that we face with sellers that we don't know much about.
    Can you provide any assistance or point me to the required tools and fix for this?
    We have a X710D Dual Core version with 4.0.9
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Craig :-)

      I don't know if this will work but it's worth a try. Try to root the phone with this rooting script:

      If that works, restoring the IMEIs should be possible.

      Good Luck!

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    1. Hi :-) I bet your phone isn't recognized as an ADB-device?

      Check this out:

    2. Me again :-)

      If your phone is listed as an ADB-device then you did everything right. I guess the rooting script is not working with your phone :-(

      Let's try this:

      copy the zip on your sd-card, do not unzip it. Boot the phone into the recovery mode (I'm GUESSING Vol + and Power) and select "update from zip".

    3. Will try, and hey I really appreciate your help!

    4. Last chance?

      Keeping my fingers crossed :-)

  5. Thank you I will review this next attempt but now thinking that I may return the phone for refund before time runs out.

    Question: from your experience is this a common problem with Chinese phones, 1. problem to root and 2. problem of IMEI codes being lost after reset?

    Is there a phone model with similar features, screen size that you have reviewed that does not have these issues?

    Kind Regards