Monday, June 4, 2012

Ployer Momo11 Wifi Distance Test - Wifi Problem? IPS Android ICS capacitive Tablet- Allwinner A10

I keep reading that people are having a bad wifi reception on their Momo11 Bird tablet. In this video you'll see me walking down TWO floors from my wifi router, all concrete walls and floors. My encryption is WPA2 and I'm pretty happy about the reception on my Momo11. Maybe they changed the hardware along the way? I don't know but I really can't complain.


  1. Hello Colonel,

    I need your help. what´s the best chinese tablet you´ve seen that has a built-in 3G and usb slot?

  2. I have a reception of -60 to -70,say 64 average sitting nearly above the router (on the ground floor) on the first floor (wooden floor) with the momo 11. Eken A90 same place nearly 10 points better, -62 to -52, estimated average about 56.
    You need at least -60 for nice internet experience.

  3. Just about to try this

    Translated through google chrome:


    Then if that doesn't do the the trick I'll be resigned to sitting in the same room as my router to use the thing :)

  4. FIXED!!!!

    Excellent Wi-Fi - really easy to do. The instructions said to open with fingers only, but if you are carefull you can slide a thin plastic - like a guitar pick along the side (I used a knife to release the clips)

    My wifi antenna - the end - was attached to a green PCB strip UNDERNEATH the battery, between it and the screen.

    Now my wifi works!

  5. Hello Colonel,

    Great reviews!

    I bought Momo11bird and i am experiencing problems with EA games. Do you have any idea why i cant see most EA games in Google Play?

    Best Regards

  6. Sorry, I have no idea. There is in app in the playstore call Allwinner whatever, just search for allwinner, that MIGHT fix the problem? But I really don´t know.

  7. Have you updated to the latest firmware from the ployer website?

    I updated to the one that is called neutral or natural and all my google play store problems disappeared

  8. Hi, I'm torn between buying the momo11 bird (which I believe is the newest version of the momo tablets, if not please correct me.) and the iPad 3. I know the iPad is alot more expensive but please give me your advice on which one you prefer. I don't know whether apple or android is best. Thanks.