Sunday, April 15, 2012

Haipad i7 Android ICS 7" capacitive IPS Thin Tablet Review - Allwinner A10

7 inch IPS capacitive 5 point multitouch screen

Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich ICS

Display 1024x600 pixel resolution

CPU: Allwinner A10  @ approx. 1GHz

8GB internal memory, 1GB RAM

Wifi, g-sensor, dual cameras VGA main camera and a HVGA front camera

Super thin and super light weight pad.


  1. Hi

    Ainol upgraded the Aurora's with a new LG HQ IPS screen. Now it has google play, english apps...

    Bearing in mind the Aurora upgrade, my question is, in terms of performance, between this i7 and the Aurora, what would be your choice?

    Mister E.

    1. Hi :-)

      When I compare MY (old) Aurora to my i7, the performance is identical, in my opinion.

    2. Yes, that's what i thought... The specs of the two machines are almost identical...

      The Haipad is a bit cheaper, as a back facing camera (wich i really don't need, but...) and i like her slim desing! But as you said in the video, the build quality isn't very good.

      The Aurora has been upgraded, it has the same specs, a nice desing, a better build quality and a good community of users...

      I realy don't know!!! Probably i will order them both, end of story :)

      Anyway, thank you for you feedback

      Mister E.

    3. That's the right attitude, buy both, test them, see for yourself which one you like better, get rid of the looser, LOL ;-)

  2. Hi!
    I respect the way you present the products of merimobiles.But ...
    Why not show the true values ​​of the hardware available from the main menu? Processor speed, RAM, battery, etc.
    You know very well that the producers are not correct in the provision of technical specifications and traders have an incentive not to correct them.
    Be honest to deserve the respect of buyers who view your videos.
    Otherwise, I think, the interest оф the dealer is a priority for you.
    Greetings from Sofia.
    Corporal Petrov :)

    1. Hi :-)

      What do you mean by "from the main menu"? Problem is, most bechchmark tools or system information tools can't get the right numbers from an unknown CPU :-(

      Another big problem is, that in SOME Chinese firmwares things are "faked", mostly on phones :-( For example: I have some phones with a MT6573 CPU (650MHz), when I show that info in a system tool (for example Antutu benchmark), it will show the CPU at 1.5GHZ!!! And that is a lie!

  3. Hello
    I've been following your videos are often so help me choose a product appreciated that many
    Screen looks superb quality is also good quality in sun?
    Seems like a better quality screen than Aurora
    Do you know what type of graphics card device?
    I have not seen mentioned in the specifications of the device
    Did you check how long battery holds?
    Would love to hear from you
    Thank Eliran

  4. Hello,

    As with the previous question how long does the battery last for? Heavy, Moderate or light use with full brightness?


  5. Hallo, wenn ich mich nicht irre sprichst du auch deutsch, wollte nachfragen wo man dieses Tablet kaufen kann, wenn man in Deutschland lebt? Wo es am günstigsten ist und am schnellsten geliefert wird, ob man Zollgebühren zahlen muss und wie hoch die Versandkosten sein. Vielen Dank im Voraus.

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  7. Hello,
    I have LDK MID A-15 and find out that it could be this (Haipad i7) tablet. I downloaded ICS 4.0.3 rev 0518 but I'm scare of upgrade my tablet (it is 10 days old).
    This is my tablet:
    What do you think from these pics ?
    Should I do upgrade or I already have upgrade ???

  8. Hi :-)
    Your tablet sure looks like it could be the same device, but I really can't tell you if the firmware really IS 100% compatible or what the latest firmware is?

    Sorry, that's a risk you'll have to take, or not! I really can't give you any advise on this :-(