Saturday, March 31, 2012

HDC Galaxy Note i9220 vs i9100 Galaxy SIII - Comparison - Samsung Clone

Just a little comparison video of the HDC Galaxy Note i9220 vs the HDC i9100 Galaxy SIII phone, to give you an idea of the different sizes of the phones and screens.


  1. Hello Colonel
    which the best you test in 3g
    Will I have problems with Customs
    salutes from Portugal

  2. Hello Colonel, I would like to see a video shot with the camera the HDC Galaxy Note. I am intending to buy one but I want to see the quality of camera phone! Thank you! Great product comparisons!

  3. i just check this phone in google, i find many different Chinese galaxy note clone, here is the other link

    i just want to know is this phone the same as the video? but it says it is only 5.0 inch screen.

  4. HDC is NOT producing any Galaxy Note clone product !!!

    You totally misguiding the users and you are not a reliable reviewer...

  5. hello i have this phone but when i put in my sim, it says no service and playstore doesnt work. please help

    1. svp can you tell me where or whom do you buy it ? on bay ?? thank

  6. Hi . I am Madhusudan and have made an order of a mobile phone HDC Galaxy S3 in August 2012. I recieved the phone in October after atleast twenty mails to the website !!

    My order number is US2012082301223
    BUT my troubles did not get over when i recieed the phone...the phone was not working and i immediately wrote to the fasctcardtech support team.
    they told me to send the phone back which i did and i got the confirmation from FCT that my phone has been recieved...Since then , I have been writing mails everyday and have been feeling disgusted at the careless attitude of the FCT team. They dont bother to read the issue and simply keep replying : 'please send the phone back' or IT is under repair" and when i tell them whats the issue, they tell me again that they have not recieved the phone" Today , they told me that they have recieved the phone but no accessories!!! I have payed a total of $285 to FCT for a phone costing $235 + $10 (accesories) + $35 (shipping)..

    Now i am so disgusted that i have even written a mail to paypal to cancel your license as you guys are cheats and only believe in stealing money from customers...I have strong reasons to believe this …Kindly issue me some professional reply as to what is happening to my phone and when will I get my phone?
    I have even asked for a replacement with a new phone , HDC Galaxy Note 2 with ! gb ram as it is now available at lesser price than what I paid for !!! I deserve to get a new phone but even my old phone is not being sent back…please do something if you can, else I WILL BE FORCED TO SIMPLY PASTE THIS COMPLAINT ON EVERY BLOG , YOUTUBE CHANNEL, COMMENTS, TWITTER ETC SO THAT YOU MAY END UP LOSING MUCH BUSINESS THAN $300..PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME DO THAT…I HAVE STARTED ALREADY AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO TILL I GET A PROPER REPLY.