Thursday, March 29, 2012

HDC Galaxy Note i9220 Android Dualsim Phone - MT6573 CPU

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The Phone: CLICK
Main camera pictures:


5.3 inch capacitive 5 point mulitouch screen, 480x800 pixel resolution

MT6573 CPU @ 650MHZ

512MB Rom and Ram

Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Quadband / unlocked / 3G / UMTS

Wifi / Bluetooth / GPS / AGPS / G-sensor / light sensor / proximity sensor / magnetic field sensor

Dual cameras: Main 8MP output autofocus with flashlight / front camera 1.2 MP output
Dual Sim Dual Standby


  1. Can you confirm that this phone has 512MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM? Or RAM is just 256MB? Thanks

    1. I'm pretty sure it has 512MB Rom and Ram. After booting and having all the system apps running, it has over 250MB Ram available, so it definitely has more than just 256MB RAM.

    2. How about the cpu and gpu? Can you give me all details? Is it dual core or single core? Here in this specs says 650MHZ but on some sites says you know why?

      Thanks for you info

  2. What is the wcdma frequency on this phone. Is it only 2100 for europe or is it 850 att usa

    1. I don't know, I can't test it, I'm in Germany.

  3. Can you tell me how well the HDC Galaxy Note and the HDC Galaxy Note work on 3G sevice eg. internet and call service not on wifi like the video shows the reason i ask is i had a BLU 5.3 a relabled SPX-5 worked good but service wasnt that great would go in and out of service but has the same specs as the HDC Note

    1. I really can't tell you. I only tested it on 3G once, it looked good to me. I don't have a data plan, so extensive surfing via 3G is out of the question for me, it's too expensive :-(

  4. Please, test the GPS function. Is it working smoothly?

  5. Hello Colonel,

    thank you for this first class video review.

    I think, I will order it, but I have seen, there are different
    version of this phone when I googled for it. When I watch your video, I see many items from samsung including the white box.
    What do you think, would I get probelms with german custom? ;-)



    1. I can't make you any promises but I am from Germany, too ;-)

    2. Hello Colonel,

      I have dared and DHL has delivered without difficulty. ;-)

      At first glance a fine "toy". Now I have two questions:

      My phone runs Android version 4.0.3 that is correct and possible or also a clone? ;-))

      How can I change the QQkeyboard settings from Chinese to German? I can change the language , but QQInput is and will remain Chinese and can not be changed!

      Thank you for your support


  6. Hi I'm about to buy this phone but I have a couple of questions, it's really double core as fastcardtech says?, it's 512 or 256 of ram? and in your opinion, is a good phone?
    thank you in advance.

    1. It's not a dual core. EVERY phone das a second "core", which is only used for making phone calls, but the second "core" doesn't add up to the MHz of the "main" CPU. So, this phone has a 650MHz CPU plus something else that is needed for making phone calls. In China most stores call the "dual core", probably because it sounds better ;-)

      About the Ram: I'm very sure it has 512MB Ram.

      P.S.: I just found a tool on the market to overclock the CPU to 806MHz, looks like that actually works :-) Check out my latest post on this blog :-)

  7. Hi Colonel
    I want to buy this phone but i have some questions.
    1 - The screen size is 5" or 5.3"?
    2 - The size of this phone is exacly the same of original galaxy note?
    3 - Does the acessories for original galaxy note fit in this phone (screen protectors, cases, etc)?
    4 - Can you do a benchmark of CPU, RAM and 3D? PLEASEE :)
    5 - Do you know how long does it take to ship to Portugal with fastest method like EMS or DHL?

    Cheers from Portugal

  8. hello colonelzap.thnx for your rewiew.but i've a quastion.if this phone (name) is -a china's product- "hdc galaxy note i9220, why is writing "samsung" on its box, on charecer, phone's back?would like ecplain this?i did not understand, this phone samsung or hdc gakaxy note?

    1. Well, the phone definitely is NOT made by Samsung ;-) The box it comes in looks to me as if it could an original box.

  9., do it support flash player?can i wacth video on net?do it upgread android 4?i wanna take your personol think, do you advice this phone?

  10. Hi :-)
    I've never seen a version of the flash player that supports this MT6573 CPU. Even if there is, I'm pretty sure the 650MHz will be too slow to handle it well. ICS upgrade = probably not.
    My advise: If Flash is important to you, wait until a similar phone comes out with the new MT6575 CPU (1GHz).

  11. thnx.i did some research that you said and i found a strong callphone.maybe,you know.i giving a link,would you like examine?

  12. dear SchlumpfiHB,

    How can you participate to such a fraud ???

    I thought you were a reliable guy, but sounds like a made a big mistake about you !!! :(

    Reviewing a product clone is one thing I can understand, but faking users and partipating to a fraud operation is another !!!

    You used and made a mixture of official Samsung Boxing, manual, accessories, even the Samsung logo on the back cover with a device that is far from the original is a real mistake !!!

    Fastcardtech does the same on their website, but they are in a country specialized in counterfeit products, while you are in Germany, an European country !!!

    Just expect someone to catch you and drive you to jail... ^^ :p sigh

    Watch at here for further explanation :

    You can remove my post from your blog if you wish, but you couldn't remove them all from XDA or YouTube, etc...

    You really suck !!!

  13. Hi I just bought the phone, the rom storage is very limited, is there anyway to root the device? I have searched many Chinese websites, but failed to root the device after many trials...please advise, thank you.

  14. Did a factory reset and after restarting the phone, I get a error. The screen is black and only the task bar is visible. Suspect a firmware corruption. Does anyone know where I can download the phone's firmware? Thanks in advance.

  15. Do you know of any battery that will work with this phone as well. FastCardTech charges way too much...
    Please Help

  16. The amount you should spend on a case for your galaxy note i9220 is entirely up to you, but ultimately, the amount you will spend will be in proportion to how much you value your phone as an extension of your life and a tool you use on a daily basis.

  17. Eu mi'am luat un telefon dualsim de care sunt foarte incantata si pe care vreau sa il descriu si in acest post, imi place foarte mult pt ca imi pot separa viata persoanala de cea privata si pentru ca am gasit la un pret extrem de bun si am avut o reducere substantiala la produs de 50% acum in periaoda reducerilor, am primit si o husa din piele cu un card de 2 gb cadou!

  18. colonel zap//please read this and try to spread the message to make people aware of fraudulent activities and cheating done by team...

    this is a copy of the complaint that i have been forwarding them for last 5 months now..

    Hi . I am Madhusudan and have made an order of a mobile phone HDC Galaxy S3 in August 2012. I recieved the phone in October after atleast twenty mails to the website !!

    My order number is US2012082301223
    BUT my troubles did not get over when i recieed the phone...the phone was not working and i immediately wrote to the fasctcardtech support team.
    they told me to send the phone back which i did and i got the confirmation from FCT that my phone has been recieved...Since then , I have been writing mails everyday and have been feeling disgusted at the careless attitude of the FCT team. They dont bother to read the issue and simply keep replying : 'please send the phone back' or IT is under repair" and when i tell them whats the issue, they tell me again that they have not recieved the phone" Today , they told me that they have recieved the phone but no accessories!!! I have payed a total of $285 to FCT for a phone costing $235 + $10 (accesories) + $35 (shipping)..

    Now i am so disgusted that i have even written a mail to paypal to cancel your license as you guys are cheats and only believe in stealing money from customers...I have strong reasons to believe this …Kindly issue me some professional reply as to what is happening to my phone and when will I get my phone?
    I have even asked for a replacement with a new phone , HDC Galaxy Note 2 with ! gb ram as it is now available at lesser price than what I paid for !!! I deserve to get a new phone but even my old phone is not being sent back…please do something if you can, else I WILL BE FORCED TO SIMPLY PASTE THIS COMPLAINT ON EVERY BLOG , YOUTUBE CHANNEL, COMMENTS, TWITTER ETC SO THAT YOU MAY END UP LOSING MUCH BUSINESS THAN $300..PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME DO THAT…I HAVE STARTED ALREADY AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO TILL I GET A PROPER REPLY.

  19. HDC Galaxy Note GT-N7000 I9220 PLEASE HELP!

    Postby jackyweb » Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:51 pm
    Hello, I’m writing from France.

    By the end of april 2012,I bought a mtk6573 HDC Galaxy Note GT-N7000 I9220 from fastcardtech.
    Model : GT-N7000
    Made by SAMSUNG
    SSN – N7000GSMH
    FCC ID : 173LGTI9220
    IMEI : 351 823 050 081 926
    S/N : RD0 BC8 556 9P
    Order number : US2012042176673
    I received a very nice Samsung box, which was the only nice thing.
    There was no leather cover nor screen protection and over all no booklet (manual) on how to use the phone.
    So I connected to the adress : printed in the back of that box to discover that you 've sent me crap because there was no amoled screen, a big lack of memory and no s-pen but a dumb one.
    I found some informations with internet on how to use android, but every time I tried to connect google play I received : " UNKNOWN GT-N7000"
    I used the phone and one month ago, suddenly I lost the phone app and the contacts app. I tried to make a factory reset and then discovered that the phone was totaly erased.

    So, I need a copy of the kernel and firmware, the method to install the two of them and the english translation of the chinese menus and sub-menus I got on the screen when I try a recovery mode.

    Thanks for all you can do and hope to read you soon.
    I've also tried to have some informations from : on january 5, 2013

    As I had no reply, I posted the following
    January 15, 2013 at 1:23 pm
    January 15th 2013
    Last week I’ve posted the following message.
    Today, it’s deleted, WHY ?
    You’ve sent me no reply ! WHY ?
    I’m in trouble because I’ve no phone, can you understand this ?

    • mahone0810 says:
    January 19, 2013 at 5:40 am

    anyone can help?


    So, what can I do now ?
    No phone and no one to help me
    Surely you had no trouble receiving my payment and using it !

    1. Sorry but I can't help you, that is something you need to address to fastcardtech, I'm just a customer.


    2. Thanks colonel, but they don't answer !