Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Onda Vi40 Elite Android 4.0 ICS Tablet

Pros: Slim and the IPS screen is amazing!

Cons: The current firmware does not support the Android Market, let's hope for an update :-)

Update: I have been asked if this tablet supports the Hebrew language. So I googled "hebrew website" and simply clicked on the first link google has to offer, I have NO IDEA what I am looking at:

And this is how the settings look in Hebrew:


  1. Good day!
    Do you think that the best Onda Vi40 or Cube U9GT-2? Could not describe the + and -.
    How long can run on battery Onda vi40?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi :-)

      Sorry, I can't tell you anything about the battery life, I just got a day ago and it'll have to go through a bunch of charging cycles before it developes it's full potential.

      RIGHT NOW I still like the U9GT2 better, simply because the firmware has been updated and it's less "buggy". But then again, the Onda is still very young, future updates might make it a worthy opponent for the U9GT2.

  2. Thank you for your review and response! Apologize for a lot of questions, but you only who has the Honda.
    Onde on display plastic or glass? The display on the Onde only 5 touches, a large cube with a difference? How do you build, there are some flaws, play and rudeness?
    How about the processor, it is better to A10 (allwinner mali) or RK2918 GS800?
    As you work the camera? With a view of Cuba and Onde, what would you prefer?
    Thank you again for your answers.

  3. no reply? =(((((((((((((((((

  4. I'm sorry, I've been very busy and a lot of your questions are already answered in the comments of the video on Youtube.

    I don't know if the screen is plastic or glass because I have a screen protector on it.

    I don't think it really makes a difference if you have 10 point touch or just 5 point touch.

    I think the Allwinner A10 and the RK2918 perform pretty much the same.

    Cameras are both not very good, they are usually very bad on all chinese tablets.

    Hope I could help a little? Please also check the comments on the video on Youtube, I'm doing my best to answer everyone's questions.

    1. Hello ColonelZap!
      Which screen protector do you recommend of?
      Do you have a link to the site, from which you bought yours?

    2. I have no idea, my screen protector was already pre-installed :-)

  5. Thank you very much for your answers (read on YouTube)!
    How about the battery? How many runs without recharging?
    Сube work about 8-9 hours, how many works Onda?

  6. Sorry, I can't tell you anything about the battery, I only had this tablet for a couple of days now and haven't used it much. Those batteries need to go through several charging cycles before they develope their full potential.

  7. Thank you very much

  8. Thank you very much for the Hebrew website :)
    It seems OK...

    In hebrew we have special vowel signs (instead of letters, as in English).
    Is it possible of you to take 2 screenshots of the following 2 websites:



    I thank you a lot, for all your help. cheers...

  9. I'm having the most difficult time to copy and paste those links on my tablet, but here is one:


  10. I'm very thankful for your help ;)
    I'm very sorry for the difficult links ):

    Two easy links:

    Hope it's OK to ask your further help...

  11. There you go:



  12. You are the BEST...
    Thank you very much :)

  13. Regarding v1 and v2 versions, I send you through the BLOG since I can't send web-links in youtube :)


    English translation:
    A10 V2.0 new drive, read and write speeds up to enhance the 19MB / s in addition to updating the operating system upgrade, the flat will Onda A10 "A10 NAND FLASH" drive to upgrade to the latest V2.0 version. Enhance the new drive will read and write speed Onda A10 plate to further increase the user experience. After upgrading the firmware, the actual use of ATTO Onda A10 plate test, FLASH highest read / write speeds of up to 19MB / s, 13MB / s, which is several times more than previous versions, but also to make them flat is now the fastest read and write one.

  14. BTW, according to the SN you sent, you have v1:
    Count 8 characters and you reach v1...

    Best Regards ;)

  15. Thanks :-) But check this out:

    4、集成A10最新的NAND FLASH V2.0存储驱动,磁盘写速度最高达13MB/S,平板USB读写

    4, A10 integrates the latest NAND FLASH V2.0 storage drive, the disk write speed up to 13MB / S, flat-panel USB reader

    It says that on BOTH versions, the V1 and V3, so I am thinking this a SOFTWARE improvement and has nothing to do with the different hardware versions.

  16. Hi, ColonelZap!
    I decided to go for the vi40 ;)
    Do you think that a microSD card with CLASS 4 will have optimal results, or should I add extra money to buy a CLASS 6 card for optimal results?

    Regards ;)

  17. Hi :-)

    I always use the cheapest SD cards I can find, I really don't think a faster SD card makes a big difference.

    BTW, I'm working an Android Market fix, I am sooooooo close but not 100% there yet :-( I have the market and gmail working, but I am getting a constant error popup that is super annoing :-(


    I THINK that has something to do with a calendar sync but I am not sure :-(

  18. Good Luck!
    Do you think that ONDA deliberately didn't add the android market, and added ONDA's store, instead?
    Maybe in order to get a commission to any app that is downloaded?

    If so, I think they will never add the Android Market functionality...

    1. I was able to give that baby full market access, downloading paid apps works now :-)

      See my other post about the market fix :-)

  19. Thanks, I think I'm almost there :-)

    I think Onda didn't add the market because they don't have a license for it ;-)

  20. After regaining some energy... ;)
    I have two open issues, regarding the vi40, that I'll be happy to have your assistance in:
    1. How is the sound quality (for hearing music and movies)?
    2. Again in the HEBREW language support... Well, Hebrew is a RTL (Right-To-Left) language. It means, of course, that not only reading, but also writing is done RTL.
    Will it be OK to ask you (After regaining some energy... ;)) to see, in hebrew writing, if the curser goes aside with the typewritten letter, or not? (just as expected vice versa in English typing..)

    I hope I'm not 'over' asking ;)

  21. The things you need to know ;-)

    1. The speakers are pretty lound and "not bad" for a tablet, I've heard way worse.

    2. I had to find a keyboard with Hebrew support on the market first but this is how it looks like:


    Hope that helps :-)

  22. Thank you very very very much for the movie...

    When writing, letters are added correctly to the left of the words.

    But, unfortunately, the curser itself always stays on the left. In Hebrew the curser starts on the right and moves to the left when letters are typed...
    It's not bad when you work in a browser, but writing in a word-processor may drive me nuts ;)

    I'm very thankful for all your help ;-)

  23. If it really DOES drive you nuts, please make a video, THAT I want to see, LOL ;)

    I changed the system language to Hebrew and tested it again, didn't make a difference, the curser stayed on the left. Maybe if you can find software that especially made in / for Hebrew?

  24. Well, I hope I would not need to give you the satisfaction of seeing me driving...

    I didn't find a specific hebrew software,
    but Maybe:
    1. Google Docs
    2. Note Everything: https://market.android.com/details?id=de.softxperience.android.noteeverything&feature=search_result
    3. Documents2Go
    4. Any Internal word-processor inside the vi40 ?!
    5. Any ideas ;)

    I hope you have any of those already installed in your vi40, to check4me...

    Thank's and Regards ;)

  25. Hi ColonelZap!

    I want to thank you for all your checks. It was very nice of you to answer all my questions and upload the pictures and the movie ;)

    If it's OK, I'll be happy if you could check for me a last check:
    Simply, Can you check the Hebrew typewriting in the internal word-processor that comes with the vi40?

    Best Regards and a Huge Thank's...

  26. You are welcome :-)

    The V4.0.3 has an "Office Suite Pro" pre-installed and it's all the same, the cursor is on the left :-(

    I really don't have the slightest clue if there is an Android app out there somewhere that supports Hebrew correctly?

  27. Hi Have you tested the flash player yet? Mine is not working.Please advise me.

    1. I haven't found a REAL solution for the flash player, yet. Opera Mobile seems to support the flash player as a plugin, but Opera crashes all the time, so this is not fun at all.

    2. thanks... i cannot even play flash in opera mobile.... once u find the solution, please let me know.... thank you.....

  28. Hi Col,
    after viewing tons of your youtube vids I have to say there´s nothing compareable. Great job!
    As a complete newbie to tablet pc (but rooting and modding my htc cellphones)I´m sure your the one to ask for some advice.
    What´s your no1 choice for a payable pad?
    Is it still the cube, or the onda Vi40? Or something else?
    Mailing, Internet, music and ebooks will be my main applications.


    1. Hi :-)

      Thanks for the compliment. Right now the Cube U9GT2 is still my favorite, followed by the Vi40.

  29. sorry Col,

    saw your todays comment to allmost the same question on cm just a minute ago.
    "Wenn Dir HDMI wichtig ist, dann Vi40. Sollte HDMI nicht benötogt werden, dann das U9GT2."

    thanx alot

  30. Hi there, I have the onda vi40 and am really strugling to get the market fix to work. I have downloaded the fix, plugged in my tablet and got the drivers from the folder.
    However it shows in device driver that I have an ADB device linked but in my computer it shows two separate drives that only become active once the tablet is in usb mode
    Its the 16gb ICS tablet and I am looking for suggestions as to why when I run the market install file it fails to load on tablet?

    any ideas?

  31. Can you please suggest me which of these tablets is better (overal performance, android market, upgrades etc):
    - Aoson M19 16GB
    -Cube U9GT2 16GB
    Onda Vi40 16GB

  32. Hi ColonelZap,

    I am having difficult to connect 3G using my dongle (Bandluxe C179). Is there any issue wif my table or the dongle. Pls help.

  33. Hi.My name is Georgios and i am from Germany.I have bought an Onda vi40 android tablet.I have to say that this tablet is not the Ipad killer but for this price is OK!!!I just want to inform all the Onda vi40 owners who want to root the device,they can root it with (UnlockRoot v2.3.1).It works 100%.You can download it on www.unlockroot.com/.Have a nice day :-)

    1. Thanks for the info :-) Anything we need to know to make this work?

      Thanks :-)

    2. Hi,Colonel.
      Just be sure you have the drivers for your Device installed on your PC.Before you connect your Device on PC activate USB-Debugging.

      Thank you too.

  34. Hi,

    Just wondering.. When I unboxed the VI40 it was a screenprotector to remove and it had a note on it that I should remove it. But under that is there a real screen protector under?? The screen seems othervise to bee reeeeally easy to scratch with ex finger nails. Or is it a protector that is scratched? It seems to be some kind of layer on the screen but I dont want to try to remove it..

  35. good evening
    i have bought the onda vi 40 with ics4.0.3 but google stree view is incompatible.
    how can i fix it?
    thank you

  36. Can the vi40 attach to an iphone to recieve photos from the phone. I see some apps allowing this via wifi network but i think i saw someone saying you can do this via a cable from iphone to tablet. Any advice appreciated

  37. It is better if you use screen protector fir your device. but one problem with many screen protectors, however, is that they tend to collect dust over time. This dust can settle on the outer portion of the protector or even between the protector and the device. It's important to clean off this dust periodically to enjoy optimal viewing of your device's screen and keypad.

  38. Hello! Thanks for your great demos! I'd like to use this as a hybrid PC/tablet. Is that a good idea? Which keyboard is compatible.? Can I alsp sync it with TV? as in transfer it's image to TV.

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